Republican Candidate for California's 25th congressional district
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I am so thrilled that this is happening! It gives me hope! This man and his family have gone above and beyond for me, even when they barely knew who I was. I am forever grateful to him and his family for welcoming me with open arms and being a constant encouragement to me and a truly astounding example of what family and love mean. I hope that my friends and family in so cal will support him in this venture, in whatever way they are able!


One of the things that moves me with any public servant, is when I see boots on the ground. I had the opportunity to work with Homes for Families last week. There were several nights last week when all the children and assorted animals were sleeping that I was out there digging and moving trash and laying bricks improperly into the wee hours. And I do want to say that Mark was there with me. That impresses me. A dedication to this community. And Mark has been dedicated to this community as a member of law enforcement for years. I’ve had interactions with him in my presence here as a Director of the Chamber for several years. Mark is already a good public servant.


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