Republican Candidate for California's 25th congressional district
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Mark Cripe is the real deal for real change and healthy stewardship that we desperately need in our district.

I can personally attest to his knowledge, professionalism, dedication, and integrity as a professional. I have worked with Mark and cried with Mark over our children in our community since we helped bring innovative Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives for children and their families to our community in 2001.


My uncle Mark C Cripe is running for congress. If you've ever met this man, you'd know exactly why I'm sharing this. He is one of the greatest men I know. Not a dishonest, corrupt, or self serving bone in his body. That he is doing this is the most selfless thing. And I support him 100%.

I could compare him to many others who have held political office for good reasons. They wouldn't hold a candle to Mark.

If you can, please support him. If you're local to him, when the time comes, I'd encourage you to vote for him as well.


PPOA endorses Mark Cripe
Constitutional Grassroots Movement