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The 25th congressional district is located in north Los Angeles County and the eastern Ventura County. It includes the cities of Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley.
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Mark Cripe
Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I have spent my entire professional life serving California's 25th District. From U.S. Marine, to construction foreman, to Sergeant of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, I know the district–and its people–well.
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Mark Cripe is the real deal for real change and healthy stewardship that we desperately need in our district.

I can personally attest to his knowledge, professionalism, dedication, and integrity as a professional. I have worked with Mark and cried with Mark over our children in our community since we helped bring innovative Vital Intervention Directional Alternatives for children and their families to our community in 2001.


Mark Cripe is an incredible candidate for Congress. A deputy sheriff who has won many awards, a dedicated husband and father, a mentor to young folks and much, much more. A great communicator with common sense, a strong dedication to community and family, and a strong shoulder for young folks who have no other shoulder to lean on. I highly encourage folks to donate to his campaign, as he is both a voice of reason and a voice of caring.


Having been along side Mark on several occasions and actually witnessing the love and compassion he has for others firsthand, I fully support him on his quest. I know personally that he will definitely be the voice of reason and common sense that is needed not just in California, but everywhere. The time to vote people in office that truly care about others, and not concerned about lining their pockets, is now. Mark C. Cripe is just the man to do it. To have someone run for Congress that possesses unmatched love for others, who is selfless, exhibits great character, and that full of integrity, are qualities normally not heard of in politics, but now there will be a candidate that possesses all of those qualities. What a welcoming sight! Mark C. Cripe for Congress!