California’s 25th Congressional District Candidate Mark Cripe announces end to campaign

November 9, 2019
Effective, Saturday, November 9, Mark Cripe is ending his campaign for California’s 25th Congressional District seat.
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Katie Hill Resigns; Mark Releases Statement

October 27, 2019
With news of the resignation of Representative Hill from Congress, the 25th district has a clearer opportunity for positive redirection.
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Mark Releases Statement Regarding Katie Hill

October 24, 2019
Surrounding recent information that came to light regarding Representative Katie Hill's improper relations with two staff members, Mark Cripe issued the following statement.
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Recall Gavin Newsom Petition Signing

October 20, 2019
Yesterday, over 1,800 Californians lined up to sign a petition to have Newsom recalled as governor. It was encouraging to see so many engaged voters turn out and share their concerns about the district and constitutional issues! The issues most important to the people - homelessness, excessive taxation, the stripping of liberties, and immigration enforcement are a few areas that I want to address in Congress. Thank you to all volunteers who made the event possible, especially Valerie Barber. The event was a success and I'm looking forward to attending more in the future!
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Trash Cleanup Conclusion

October 12, 2019
The conclusion of our clean-up fundraiser is here. Our team of volunteers removed over 7 tons of trash in one day. We want to thank everyone who donated and everyone who came out and volunteered their time to successfully clean up our home. Thanks to our highest donator, Tracey Woody, who's an avid champion against illegal dumping and an administrator of the AV Illegal Dump Reports Facebook page. For the most up-to-date information on keeping our desert clean and trash-free, please get involved there!
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Guest Speaker - QH Chamber of Commerce

Quartz Hill
September 4, 2019
Mark began his talk recalling the experiences he and his wife shared as newlyweds. They sold everything they owned and backpacked across 13 countries in Europe, including communist Hungary, in which they were detained. “We have a pretty good idea of what a communist country looks, smells, and tastes like,” he said. On return to America, he saw the country with new eyes, “We came back here and had the biggest culture shock of our lives. We grew up here, we had no idea how phenomenally rich, how phenomenally developed this country is until we left and came back.”Since having sold all their possessions, Mark and his wife returned to the country homeless. They lived in a tent out in the desert, having to get water every day from a local gas station. Today, the new challenge they share is running a lean campaign for California’s 25th Congressional District, aiming to be “a common sense voice, a different voice” in today’s politics.
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Antelope Valley Fair Parade

August 10, 2019
Mark and his wife Melanie spent the morning at the AV Fair Parade.
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Guest Speaker - SCV GOP

Santa Clarita
August 8, 2019
Transcript and recap of this event coming soon.
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Guest Speaker - Simi Valley GOP

Simi Valley
August 6, 2019
Transcript and recap of this event coming soon.
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Interview - KHTS Radio

Santa Clarita
July 30, 2019
Mark sat down with KHTS Radio for on an interview on why he's running for the 25th Congressional Seat. Continue reading for full transcript or watch the full interview now.
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Guest Speaker - Right Way Republicans

Santa Clarita
July 25, 2019
Beginning his talk, Mark donated a copy of his book, Love Loudly: Lessons in Family Crisis, Communication and Hope, to be raffled off to members of Right Way Republicans. He explained why he wrote it and the message of the book itself: “The last 20 years for the Sheriff’s Department I’ve been working with at-risk families,” Mark stated, “The worst of the worst are given to me and my team." Mark explained that the kids sent to the program are often getting kicked out of school or getting involved with negative influences. He and his team work with them and their families for 16 weeks, in lieu of incarceration or in lieu of the child going into the system. "That’s what our whole mission is: to keep them out of an institution.”
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Forum - SC Republican Women Federated

Santa Clarita
July 20, 2019
Mark appeared at a forum with fellow Republican candidates at the monthly Santa Clarita Republican Women Federated meeting.‍ During candidate introductions, Mark thanked the other candidates and admitted, "This is a learning curve for me; I’ve only been in the campaign for a month, so I’m the last one to jump in."‍"I don’t want to talk so much about what I’m going to do but what I have done," he continued. He explained his early life, joining the Marine Corps under President Ronald Reagan, meeting his wife, and marrying and selling everything they owned to backpack across 13 countries.
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Acton/Agua Dulce 2019 Annual 4th of July Parade

July 4, 2019
We want to think everyone involved in the planning and orchestration of this annual tradition and everyone who got soaked on our float! Our gratitude and appreciation goes out to all our American Superheroes who have and who continue to fight for our American freedoms, the betterment of others, and the prosperity of our nation. God bless America!
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Palmdale Chamber of Commerce Annual Family Picnic

Leona Valley
June 18, 2019
Mark and his two daughters spent the day at the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce Annual Family Picnic hosted by the Lazy T Ranch in Leona Valley, complete with BBQ, live music, raffles, and vendors. We want to thank all involved in planning and hosting the event and for those who came out to visit with us.
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